Single Use Cameras

Single Use Cameras

There's something so nostalgic about the images you get from a single use (disposable) camera.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of these easy-to-use camera bodies:

Get Close!

While we're suckers for a good environmental shot, single use cameras really sing when you draw close to your subject, about 3-4 feet away.

Turn On the Flash!

Indoors and out. Indoor flash is a must, but out-of-doors the built-in flash also lends a nice fill to your subject, and allows you to confidently shoot in less-than-ideal light. (And really, who is shooting in perfect light on vacay—no one, that's who.)

Does PhotoVision process and scan single use cameras?

Yes! The price is the same as for 35mm film.

Does PhotoVision recycle single use cameras?

Yes! Every single use camera we process is recycled and sent back to the film company to be repurposed into another single use camera.

Ready to give 'em a try?

We have both the Kodak Fun Saver (800 ISO, C-41) and the Kodak Professional Tri-X (400 ISO, B+W).

The Kodak Fun Saver is a fun, easy way to take great pictures—indoors or out. Just pick it up and start shooting! The 800-speed film creates bright colors while still maintaining a fine grain, exceptional sharpness and natural skin tones. The camera's built-in flash has a 4 to 11.5 foot flash range and must be charged before every picture.

The Kodak Professional Tri-X 400TX features the world's best-selling black and white film, Tri-X 400. Tri-X has a fine grain structure and is great for low light and action. The camera's built-in flash automatically recharges and should be used for indoor photography.

@emilylouisesweet / Kodak Tri-X Single Use Camera / Noristu S-1800 / Salem, Oregon

@_ashleyloney / @emilylouisesweet / Kodak Fun Saver Single Use Camera / Frontier SP3000 / Salem, Oregon

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